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3D-Modelling of the next generation
About us

RC-modelling is our hobby and passion

The rapid progress of recent years in electronic RC model building, as well as in new technologies in the 3D printing with lightweight filaments enable projects that are unique.

Through the combination with conventional Composite process models can now be designed, printed and built that are unparalleled in terms of stability and lightness.

The RC-Jetprint (Andreas Siek) in cooperation with the VJM-Aviation (www.vjmaviation.com - owner: Joel Vlashof) develop and test unique model airplanes to make these models available for every ambitious modeler.

The project progress, as well as build tutorials can be followed and experienced "live" on the relevant social media platforms, such as Youtube and Instagram.

Become part of e.g. a unique vertical takeoff project, like the Sea-Harrier, the F-35B with capabilities like VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) or STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) or a Su-47 (Su-X) optimized for RC model flight with vector control.

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Our projects

Sea Harrier (AV 8A)

Version: 1.2 (12.2022)

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Specifications/ List of Components
Project description

The holy grail in flight modelling and a long-time dream of the designers of this Sea Harrier can now become reality.

As functional as necessary and as close to the original as possible. This printable aircraft is based on more than 10 years of modeling experience and can now, with your help and ambition, be further developed into a Vertical Takeoff and Landing model. - Or you just have fun with a perfectly flying airplane.


Version: 2.0 (07.2024)

RC-Jeprint Logo
Specifications/ List of Components
Project description

A printable version of what is probably the best-known fighter of the 5th generation is ready for you to replicate here and has been designed in cooperation with Joel Vlashof (VJM Aviation) on the basis of many years of VTOL experience in RC model construction.

A rotatable rear nozzle, which also includes an ingeniously designed thrust vector control, makes this EDF jet suitable for aerobatics and VTOL and is very easy to fly. In addition, there are pivoting slats that cause an elegant slow flight.

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