Su-XR Plus

Version: 2.0 (06.2023)

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Specifications/ List of Components

Project description

This perfectly and in detail designed jet model by Rene Rosentraeger is a Must in every RC-builders workshop. A twin EDF-setup provides an ingenious thrust-to-weight ratio for this 3D printable jet. Functional cannards and an ingenoiusly designed thrust vector control make this EDF jet acrobatic but also very easy to fly. The base is the well-known Su-47 Berkut with forward swept wings.

General printing recommendations

Printer size 

22 cm x 22 cm x 25 cm (e. g. Bambu Lab X1C)

Enclosure Not necessary
Slicer Bambu Studio (latest version)
Filaments used LW-PLA (e. g. colorFabb), PLA, PA-CF low-warp Nylon (e. g. colorFabb)
Filament diameter 1,75 mm
Nozzle diameter 0,40 mm

Special printing recommendations for all LW-PLA components

Most components of the jets sold here are designed and optimized for a stable lightweight construction with LW-PLA. Since this foaming filament requires special parameters for successful printing, which vary from printer to printer and also from slicer to slicer, you should make your own printing tests in advance. You can find many tutorials and tips on the Internet and on YouTube.

The basic default settings we use with a Bambu Lab X1C and Bambu Studio as slicers are listed here.

You can start with that for now.

Print bed temperature 60° Celsius
Nozzle temperature 242° Celsius
Cooling  Yes 100%
Print speed 30 mm/s
Layer height 0,20 mm
Support Yes (Zickzack), for angles > 60°
Flow rate 42% – 50%
Filling pattern Gyroid (3D)
Filling level 5%
Retract Without
Number of outer layers 1-2
Printing plate adhesion Brim, 8 lines
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