Boeing X-32

Version: 1.0 (06.2024)

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Project description

The Boeing X-32 is a demonstrator that competed against the Lockheed Martin X-35 (later F-35B) in the „Joint-Strike-Fighter“-program  and unfortunately lost. It is now being revived by us as a 3D printable model. Two airworthy machines of this type of aircraft were built by Boeing. The first flight of the X-32A   demonstrator took place in September 2000. The X-32B, demonstrating short takeoff and vertical landing capabilities, made its maiden flight in March 2001. The rectangular rear nozzle can be shut off for short and vertical landings. The complete thrust is then redirected downwards by two pivoting nozzles placed at the center of gravity. There are several control nozzles in the bow, stern and wings for stabilization.

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